Everything You Need To Know About  Dungeons And Dragons Dice

Everything You Need To Know About Dungeons And Dragons Dice

Sep 06 , 2021

Alex Melen

If you don’t have at least 22 pairs of Dungeons and Dragons Dice, are you really even a player? D&D dice are perhaps the most important and most precious tools for any player or dungeon master. They can help you cast spells, use weapons, and do everything and anything to win a campaign.

So, here is everything you need to know about D&D dice.

You Need 7 Dungeons and Dragons Dice to Start Playing

To start playing, you need a D&D dice set. A set usually consists of 7 dice. You need at least 1 of each D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20 dice. However, it is very helpful to have a second D10. This is used for percentile rolls. At times, players prefer to have multiples of a die so that they can roll pools of dice. For example, they can roll 3D6 instead of 1 D6 3 separate times.

You Use Them For Everything From Weapons to Spells

Each die in a set serves a function. You can use them for weapons damage, attacks, healing, spells, etc. D20 is most often used to see if an attempted action succeeds, whatever that may be. That’s why it’s such an iconic die.

Types of Dungeons and Dragons Dice

Finally, let’s take a look at the individual D&D dice so you can learn what they’re all about.


The almighty Icosahedron D20 is the signature die of D&D. It’s bigger than all its siblings as well as the most spherical. The faces are all equilateral triangles, making it the most spherical die. It can roll further, which can at times be to your advantage, and at times to your detriment.

A D20 is rolled to see if an attempted action is successful. For an attack, A second roll follows from another die (depending on the attack) to see how much damage is dealt. The D20 can also be used for ability checks, skill checks, and every value has a 5% chance.


The dodecahedron die D12 can be used to deal damage with large weapons and powerful spells. Each face is a pentagon.


The pentagonal trapezohedron die, or the D10, is usually found twice in a dice set. The faces of one are numbered 0 to 9. The other die has numbers from 00 to 90. This is to make a percentile roll. Both die are rolled at once and added together. A double zero roll equals 100.


The Octahedron die D8 is used often for damage done by medium-sized weapons and spells.


The D6 die is a cube which is the common shape of a die found in board games. The die is usually used for quickly rolling multiples for attributes selected for characters during creation, as well as for attack damage.


The D4 die is known as the caltrop. It’s a tetrahedron. Its large flat sides make it the most unloved of the Dungeons and Dragons dice. It doesn’t roll as well as the others. It’s commonly used to determine the damage done by small weapons or for determining HP gained via healing spells.

This is just a basic guide. Dig deeper and you’ll find out much more you can do with these dice in the magical realm of D&D.