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Our tabletop gaming products are meticulously designed and crafted to match your passion. Here you will find the highest quality dice and the most unique tabletop accessories anywhere. We make products to match the passion you have for your game. We are Forged Gaming Company & we bid you welcome!
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Our Tale

Adventure called and we answered with a mighty roar…and a handful of dice heavy enough to knock an orc senseless! And thus, Forged Gaming Company was born.

Our party of heroes is a motley crew of creative idealists and wild-eyed dreamers with one thing in common - a sincere desire to design and create really cool items for players and game masters, and to elevate the tabletop gaming experience to ever greater heights.

Whether you find yourself wandering through the misty wilderness of a haunted land or investigating unspeakable horrors older than time itself, we are right there with you.

This passion we share is the fuel that feeds the Forged fires!

Our blog

Welcome to Forged Dice!
Welcome to Forged Dice!

Forged Dice is proud to offer our custom sets of metal dice.  Our goal is to ...

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