10 Things to Consider When Buying Metal Dice

10 Things to Consider When Buying Metal Dice

Dec 06 , 2021

Jon Barry

By Andrew at TangibleDay.com

Metal dice are a great way to spice up a tabletop game. However, there are a few useful factors that you can take into consideration when purchasing metal dice. For example, how much should I spend on metal dice? How should I maintain my metal dice so they don't get ruined? How heavy are metal dice? Will metal dice damage my table surface? We know you have all these questions, which is why we are here to give you the answers!

In this article, we will answer the frequently asked questions regarding purchasing metal dice, and help you find the perfect set of metal dice for yourself!

1. Are Metal Dice Expensive?

The cost of metal dice really depends on the types of metal that they are made from, as well as how many you purchase. There is also the consideration of how complex or simple the design of the metal dice is in your particular purchase. Obviously, more elaborate and elegant designs, such as (Forged Gaming’s Ice Gem) will cost more; where as a minimal, but just as cool looking metal dice set will cost less.


In general, pricing for a metal dice set starts around $15 for a very basic set and can go up to over $50-100 for a premium set. More expensive metals and complex designs will result in more exciting dice that command higher prices.

2. Are Metal Dice Heavy?

A set of metal dice is going to be heavier than a set of plastic or resin dice. Metal dice can be solid through and through, and therefore heavier than any other dice you can find, or they can be hollow. Solid metal dice may also have more heft than dice made of stone, due to the additional density of the material used in metal dice (more about this below).

 Forged Gaming's Winters Blood Metal Dice Set

Interestingly, metal dice roll extremely well with a satisfying tactile feel because of their density. This is because the weight adds momentum to a rolling metal die. In fact, rolling metal dice tends to require less effort from your wrist, and roll best when you use a bit of upper arm movement. I think rolling solid metal dice is more involved and immersive!

3. Do Numbers Rub off on Metal Dice?

 The durability of numbers on the faces of dice depends on the quality of metal dice you are buying. Of course, the more expensive metal dice will have numbers that are engraved and/or casted into the faces of the dice. They will never rub off!

Furthermore, these numbers can be painted for additional aesthetic appeal and readability. 

Another question is whether you should get pips (i.e. dots) or numerals (particularly important for D6s!). The latter is almost always found on polyhedral metal dice sets, because written numbers are much easier to see on the smaller faces. Personally, I tend to think that numbers look better than pips on metal dice.

4. What are Metal Dice Made of?

Most metal dice are made from a strong zinc alloy and finished in one or more ways. Metal dice can be powder coated, electroplated, or painted in any color you can imagine. Plating is often nickel, copper, or brass; but can be more exotic metals like silver or even gold.

With metal dice, you are not limited to the base metal used to make them. There are several different ways of coloring metal dice including: anodizing (i.e., colored dyeing), brass plating, chrome plating, and paint (i.e., epoxy, enamel, or urethane).

5. Will Metal Dice Damage my Table or Rolling Surface?

One of the most common concerns about metal dice is whether they will leave scratches on a table surface. It really depends on what kind of table material we're talking about. Any hard object can put a dent or scratch into a softer surface if enough force is applied.

Forged Gaming dice are solid (or hollow!) metal. Some have sharp corners, and some are rounded. Whether you are rolling sharp or soft-edge dice, it’s always recommended that you use a dice tray (check out a few of these great dice trays) to dampen the impact of rolling metal dice on your table. Like beverage coasters, a dice tray will protect your table during gameplay and keep your dice from rolling away and knocking into things, e.g., glass drinks, painted miniatures.

6. Are Metal Dice Well Balanced?

First off, what does that mean? When rolled many times, a well-balanced metal die will produce a relatively even distribution of numbers. An unbalanced dice will produce certain results more often than other.

Good quality metal dice are manufactured in such a way that produces a relatively even distribution of all possible rolling outcomes. This is done during the design and molding process. Some metal dice can be cut using a CNC machine and laser etched to precise specifications!

Sure, there can be imperfections, but quality manufacturing processes like those used by Forged Gaming create less room for error than cheaper techniques. Cast metal dice are made by pouring molten metal into a mold. The molten metal flows into the mold and, as it cools solidifies into its final shape. If the mold is well made and the molten metal well proportioned, this process can create a very well-balanced dice set.

7. Do Metal Dice Roll Well or Are They Just Vanity?

The question of whether metal dice are the same as "vanity" or "show" dice is a matter of opinion. One could argue that metal dice are only used for show because they are heavier and more expensive. How well they roll is another thing to consider.

As mentioned, metal dice are generally well-balanced due to their construction. They are then treated with an electroplating process to put a protective coating on them so they don't get scratched or dented easily. The result is a die that rolls as well as the sum of its parts.


Yes, metal dice roll really well and their extra weight feel great. The experience of rolling metal dice has been often described as feeling like handling a balanced sword or weapon--a feeling which is probably why they are frequently preferred by role playing gamers.

The weight gives solid metal dice their immersive quality, and their rolling action is pleasant and satisfying. Imagine a critical roll accompanied by a "thunk!". The momentum of metal dice rolling across a surface also creates a wonderful sound, which adds to the feeling of satisfaction.

8. How Do I Protect my Metal Dice from Damage?

A concern for metal dice is whether they can be protected from damage. Quality metal dice aren't cheap. Metal dice will need to be protected from rolling surfaces (see the effect of different dice rolling surfaces), and from transport when dice bump into each other.

For the best protection of your metal dice during transport to and from game night, you can use a dice box or storage case. The box should have a snug fit to help prevent damage resulting from occasional bumping against other dice. How exhausting it is to spend your money on a great set of metal dice, only to find the corners dented and the finish scratched because you were careless with your transport!

9. Are Metal Dice Safe for Kids?

How safe are metal dice for kids? Quality metal dice can be great for kids because they are durable, feel great to hold, and have clearly written numbers that are easy to read. Although the material of metal dice is non-toxic, do not give metal dice to very young children, as dice can pose a serious choking hazard.

10. Where Can I Get the Best Metal Dice?

Well, isn't it obvious that Forged Gaming is your one-stop shop for the best metal dice? With an excellent range of metal dice, you are sure to find the perfect set for yourself…and your character! We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality for your tabletop games!

Our metal dice are meticulously designed and made with the highest quality; they are the perfect addition to anyone's gaming arsenal. Dice sets are available in a variety of weights, ranging from light to heavy, and styles, e.g., minimalist to elegant and thematic. Forged Gaming also has all the TTRPG accessories you need like card holders, cases, and more!

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