4 Ways To Get Your Friends and Family To Play Tabletop Games

4 Ways To Get Your Friends and Family To Play Tabletop Games

Sep 28 , 2021

Mark Coffey

If you are an avid tabletop game player, then you know the thrill and excitement it brings. And, you probably want your friends and family members to get in on this fun as well. You may have even asked them to join you for a round of tabletop games but may have often been dismissed. Reasons being that tabletop games are boring, too complicated, or for children.

So, what can you do to introduce them to this new dimension in a manner where they are hooked onto tabletop games and sure to enjoy the full experience? Well, read ahead to find out 4 ways in which you can make this desire of yours a reality.

1. Know Your Audience

To get your friends and family onboard, you will have to study their interests. Carefully plan out which tabletop games would align well with their preferences the most. This is where you want to get started. Instead of engaging them in complicated games, start slow and steady – you’re sure to win the race this way!

2. Lure Them in with Their Favorite Snacks

You can never go wrong with this one. To get your friends and family to take out time for the tabletop games night, you can bribe them with snacks. Add on their favorite drinks as well – no one says no to free drinks, that’s for sure! This tactic is sure to be a hard miss, try it out and see for yourself.

3. Minimize Distractions

To maintain the focus and ensure your players have their heads in the game, you might want to minimize any sort of distractions. This includes anything ranging from additional games, the presence of a Smart TV, music, and even cell phones. Add it to the rule of the game – all cellphones are to be switched off! This is sure to push them to participate.

4. Make It Fun!

You don’t want to focus too much on the game here. This might be demotivating for people. Instead, teach them how to win the game and not lose. You can even provide them with fun facts, tips, and tricks along the way. In addition, try to add in a few breaks throughout. It is important to remember that the players here are new and may not be not used to sitting in one place for too long!

The Bottom Line

So, now that you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves, you can get down to introducing new players into tabletop games in no time! Mix it up with new games and make sure you have the right snacks to lure in your targets. At the end of it, your friends and family members are surely going to thank you for the memorable night - so don’t give up!

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