6 Must-Have Tools For Dungeon Masters

6 Must-Have Tools For Dungeon Masters

Sep 06 , 2021

Alex Melen

As Dungeon Master (DM), it’s your job not just to plan and narrate the game, but also to be the guide for your players. Of course, that means you need to have a lot of powerful tools at your disposal. Here are 6 must have dungeon master tools for any DM.

1. DM Screen

The campaign is under your control. You can’t risk the players knowing what you’re thinking. To maintain the element of surprise, or just to keep track of everything that’s going on, get a DM screen.

You can keep track of all the rolls, create a cheat sheet, and pretend you’re a grand wizard pulling the strings. Well, you are.

2. Table Topper

While you may have grown up playing on your dining table, or a small plastic table, a table topper is essential. Great table toppers keep it classy for any good D&D game. Think of it as a stage. And as Shakespeare said, “All the World’s a Stage”. Having a pretty great stage will help your players be the best players they can be.  

3. Dice

God may not play dice, but you sure do. In fact, D&D dice may be the most essential of dungeon master tools. Any dungeon master without at least 20 sets of D&D dice is unworthy. You should have at least as many sets of dice as you have players. Also, getting dice for your bosses or specific spells, or even a big fireball is without question, a necessity.

You can get bags with 18 sets of bargain at different online stores. You can get custom ones to fit in with your set and general aesthetic, or to match with your players’ costumes.

4. Spell Cards

What’s D&D without magic? Gathering the right spell cards or creating your own is a rite of passage for dungeon masters. It makes running NPCs, enemies, and bosses much easier. You can get official sets of D&D cards, or get index cards. They range from the arcane to the divine, and downright weird.

5. Notes

A simple note taker app can help you when you’re stuck in a campaign. You can choose the one on your phone, or get a specialized one to keep track of added abilities and unexpected changes in the campaign.

Every dungeon master knows that players can destroy the best laid plans of mice and men, no matter what. The notes are there to record that destruction. Just in case you black out in a fit of rage after your kingdom has been laid waste.

6. Miniatures

Remember the table topper? Well, if that’s the stage, then the miniatures are the actors. Miniatures help you keep track of where the different players are, and gives a bit of a cinematic feel to the entire campaign.

What’s a D&D game without a dragon (of course), a troll, a witch, a warlock, and even goblins? You can choose to play without them, but it’s a lot more fun when they’re there to set the stage.

With these essential dungeon master tools  at your disposal, you’ll be ready to take on any campaign, O Dungeon Master!

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