6 Top Tips for Choosing Dice Trays

6 Top Tips for Choosing Dice Trays

Jun 03 , 2021

Mark Coffey

Do you have a rockin’ set of custom metal dice? You do take good care of them, right? You wipe them off to get rid of finger/skin oils, you give them a mild soap bath every now and then and dry them immediately. You play with them on a surface that isn't breakable – which rules out that glass top table! Yes, there are numerous special considerations to be given to a prized item such as metal dice.

Taking Care Of Your Dice

Want to keep your dice in good condition? It's important when playing with and storing highly collectible dice – or even dice that you just want to hang onto for a while – that you use a dice tower or dice tray, or transport them in a padded bag or carrying box. Why? Dice get enough wear and tear just banging together when they're being used. They certainly don't need the added trauma of falling on the floor, getting stuck under the couch and played with by the cat, swallowed by the dog, or getting knocked around while being transported in your pocket (Perish the thought!).

Are you and your friends into RPG games? Consider adding some customization to your table with a D&D Dice Box! (Or a dice box modeled after your favorite RPG.) There’s no better way to store/play with those custom D&D dice than with a matching dice tray, let’s face it.

Aside from one that's customized, how do you go about picking the best dice tray? Here are some pointers. Keep in mind that not only are there dice trays and towers, dice bags are also available, depending on your needs and preferences.

Tip 1 – Ask Around

Do any of your fellow gamers own a dice tray? What do they think of the one they have? Have they found issues with it in any way? Get recommendations from others who have already experienced the whole dice tray/tower way of life. Check reviews (we'll mention this again). They are super easy to find online.

Tip 2 – Consider Portability

If portability is an issue, you want to make sure that the dice rolling mat or tray you choose is reasonably small or can be folded down to a flat object. Not all trays are designed for travel, such as the uber large ones. This may cramp your style a bit, but you’re sacrificing style for portability in this case.

To 3 – Dice Trays and Dice Compatibility

Not all dice trays are compatible with all dice. Metal dice may cause the interior floor and walls of standard dice trays to get scuffed up. You should be fine, however, if the interior contains a softer material. Fortunately, Forged Gaming offers dice rolling tray towers that are suitable with most types of metal dice. In addition, these trays feature a heavy-duty yet soft interior.

Tip 4 – Tabletop Brands

From fancy models to simple but well-made designs – and everything in between – you’ll find what you're looking for at Forged Gaming. Feel free to check out our reviews for peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing from a reputable company and our their products are reliable and high-quality.

Tip 5 – Affordability Should Be Considered

You don't have to break the bank to buy a good quality, attractive dice tray (or bag). There are numerous, good quality options available at affordable prices. If you don't need anything fancy going on, choose one that is simple but made well. With all the color schemes and cool designs available, you may decide to spend a bit more if it's in the budget right now, but you don't have to.

Tip 6 – You May Want to Avoid… 

Characteristics to avoid when it comes to dice trays (or even dice bags) are as follows:

  • Poor packaging
  • Below average build quality
  • Fragile Fasteners
  • Boring or overly simplistic design (what fun is that?)
  • Not particularly portable
  • Fragile stitching

Remember – for the best dice towers, dice bags, dice trays, and collectible sets of dice, look no further than Forged Gaming.