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Do's And Don'ts For Your Metal Dice

Do's And Don'ts For Your Metal Dice


If you are truly into tabletop games, board games, RPG, etc., you may have invested in some premium, collectible dice. We are talking about really fancy ones like metal dice, 20-sided dice, skull and bone dice, or even antique copper dice. Metal dice, while sturdy, can still be susceptible to damage. So, the better you care for them, the longer they will last and be aesthetically pleasing. If you're going to be carrying your metal dice around with you, consider a zipped, foam pouch, bag, storage box, etc.

 So, what's the best way to care for your metal dice and other collectible dice? Veteran Game Masters and players suggest dice towers and dice trays to not only protect dice, keep track of turns, and make rolling the dice practically effortless, but to also discourage cheating. Yes, it is possible to cheat when rolling dice.

Metal Dice – What Are They?

Metal dice, when compared to traditional plastic dice, are usually around 4 to 5 times heavier. It can be very satisfying, rolling metal dice, and they feel incredibly substantial in your hand. When they hit the table, they bounce around less due to their added weight. It almost seems like they possess their own field of gravity!

They can, however, develop scuffs and scratches if not stored properly and they are allowed to rub up against each other, tumble together, etc. when being transported.

In addition to how these dice feel in your hand is the possibility of extravagant decoration. Many games and TTRPGs use unique dice like 8 and 20-sided dice that are purchasable as accessories. Think RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons.

How to Take Care Of Your Dice

Okay, you've decided to purchase some metal dice and now you're wondering how to care for them. Welcome to the club. It is a question frequently posed. To keep them shiny and new, there are special care considerations where cleaning, rolling, and storing your metal dice are concerned. 

Care and Storage

It's an entirely different scenario, storing metal dice when compared to resin or acrylic dice. The environment can be a serious threat to your metal dice. To prolong their life, follow these do’s and don'ts.


  • Use soap and water to periodically clean your dice.
  • Store your dice in a padded container, or soft, dry dice bag.
  • Use a soft lint free cloth to remove finger/skin oils after use.

Do not…

  • Leave your metal dice in a wet state. As soon as possible, dry off your dice if they get wet.
  • Allow your dice to damage each other by having them roll around, unpadded.
  • Allow your metal dice to become damaged by storing them with other dice such as resin or acrylic.

The Role of the Dice

That's a sound that serious gamers absolutely love to hear – the click clack role of the dice. There are a few things you need to remember, though, when it comes to throwing your metal dice. You want to avoid glass tables and other breakable (or dentable!) surfaces when you roll your dice, given their weight.

Consider rolling them on a padded surface or, best of all, using a dice tower. Not only does this help keep games on track it protects your dice from falling on the floor, getting lost, and more.

Cleaning Your Dice

As suggested before, use a gentle soap and water mixture to clean your dice. Once in a while, wipe them off with a lint free, soft cloth to get rid of skin oils.

To give your dice a bath:

  • In a nonabrasive cloth, place a little bit of soap. Work it up into a lather.
  • To the surface of the dice, apply the soap lather.
  • With lukewarm water, rinse the metal die.
  • With a microfiber cloth, completely dry the metal die.

Looking for Truly Awesome Metal Dice? 

If you are in the market for a set of truly amazing metal dice and the proper accessories in which to store them and/or play with them, look no further than the Forged Gaming Company. We have everything you need for your tabletop gaming experience – from dice to storage/transportation containers to numerous gaming accessories.

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