How To Take Care Of Your Metal Dice

How To Take Care Of Your Metal Dice

Jul 12 , 2021

Alex Melen

If you went ahead and spent a little bit of money on your set of metal dice, the last thing you want is to be careless or reckless with them. Caring for your metal dice properly and appropriately will make them last longer. If you're not sure how to go about doing this, you're not alone. It's essential you know how to care for those shiny metal dice if you want them to stay shiny, readable, and awesome.

There are several areas of care when it comes to metal dice. We will be exploring those here. They are as follows:

  • Cleaning your metal dice
  • Rolling your metal dice
  • Storing your metal dice

Let's get started!

The Do's and Don'ts of Metal Dice Storage

Do the following to properly care for your metal dice:

  • With soap and water (see directions detailed below) periodically clean your dice.
  • Store your dice in a padded container or soft dice bag, and in a dry area. It is important to keep the dice from banging together as those repeated impacts can cause dents and damage to the finish.
  • After use, use a soft lint free cloth to remove finger grease.

If you want those dice to last a while, avoid the following:

  • If they get wet, as soon as possible, dry off your metal dice with a soft clean cloth.
  • Don't let them roll around freely in an un-padded bag, case, etc.
  • Don't combine resin dice, acrylic dice, or any other type dice with your metal ones. Depending on the composition, sometimes there can be chemicals in plastics that can tarnish metal.

Metal Dice – Rolling Them

There are a few things you should remember when it's time to throw your metal dice. You may want to avoid glass tables or other surfaces that could break because there is a good amount of weight involved with many metal dice.

Use a properly padded dice tray or mat to roll your metal dice. Granted, if you roll them on a wooden table, you're not likely to shatter it, but you could actually scratch or gouge the table with those dice. Additionally, it can be very nearly ear shattering to play with metal dice on certain solid surfaces. It's far more pleasant to listen to those dice rolling around on a padded area. Even a bit satisfying!

Metal Dice Cleaning Procedures

It’s time to clean those beautiful metal dice of yours. Every once in a while, a good old-fashioned bath will do wonders for your dice. You’re not likely to take them in the tub or shower with you (but, if you do, be sure to dry them off properly!) so we've included some steps to follow when it's time to clean those dice and get them ready for the next game.

  • In a nonabrasive, wet cloth, place a little bit of soap.
  • Work the soap into a lather.
  • On the surface of the dice, apply the soapy lather.
  • With lukewarm water, rinse the metal die.
  • With a microfiber cloth, dry the metal die.

Your dice may rust or tarnish if moisture is left behind, so always make sure that the drying process is as thorough as possible.

There you go. One more thing… to keep those dice lasting longer and looking better, in addition to keeping them clean and rolling them on the proper rolling surface, always store and transport them in a well-padded bag, case, or box that can keep them separate. Protect your dice!

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