Taking Your Game to the Next Level - The Coolest DnD Accessories

Taking Your Game to the Next Level - The Coolest DnD Accessories

Jul 26 , 2022

Jon Barry

When one thinks of Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPG), the first one that comes to mind will be Dungeons and Dragons.  It’s been around since the 1970s and it’s in no danger of disappearing.  If anything, interest in DnD is on a massive upswing.  TTRPGs are an amazing experience.  They are a collective storytelling experience with elements of improvisational acting with the goal of telling an epic story for yourself and your friends.  DnD especially is full of imagination and high fantasy.  Here are a few ways to elevate your games at home.

First, it’s important to understand the people playing the game.  Some people are comfortable with acting and some are not.  Some will have vivid imaginations and some won’t.  There are some basics that each player must have, there are some things each player may want, and then there are some premium options that are just cool to have.  The most important thing to consider is to think about the environment you are trying to create.  Immersion in the game helps stir the emotions and create a heightened experience.

Dragon Slayer Set of 7 Metal Dice

A basic piece of gaming equipment is dice.  Every player and Dungeon Master (DM) will need at least one DnD dice set.  Resin dice sets are the most affordable option, especially if you buy sets in bulk. They come in all kinds of fun colors and having extra dice will come in handy.  If you’re looking for a premium option, try metal dice.  Metal dice have a little extra weight, giving a totally different feel than resin dice.  Metal dice will also have a better look to them, and the numbers will pop quite nicely.  Gemstone dice are beautiful, but can be more expensive and will break if not handled carefully.  If you go with metal dice or gemstone dice, be sure to have some kind of padded dice storage for them. The Dragon on a Pedestal of Books dice box looks cool, and dragons are always welcome at a DnD session.

Every character has either spells or character abilities.  There’s plenty of options for reference cards to help you remember your abilities, and they also come with amazing artwork. So, instead of saying you’re casting a fireball or even gesturing some kind of fire shooting hand motion, you can present the artwork for all to see.  Some reference cards are even holofoiled, so they would be animated to enhance your game. It’s one thing to say you cast eldritch blast, it’s another to see it.  

Rectangle Magnetic Folding Dice Tray

Every DnD game should have dice, and where there are dice, there are dice trays and dice towers.  Depending on your needs and on your aesthetic taste, there are tons of options for good dice trays.  If you’re using metal dice, the last thing you want to do is roll on your table.  Metal will dent wood.  The better trays will come with a felt lining and it will be a welcome addition to the table.  Some dice trays will have a neoprene lining, which are perfect for metal and gemstone dice as they not only provide a great surface for rolling, but will also cushion them enough to protect both the table and the dice.  Some dice trays will also provide storage, like the Forged Dice Arena, which is incredibly convenient.  Dice towers are also great to have at the table.  Depending on your taste, you can get a dice tower that also doubles as a piece of art.  The Forged Grim Reaper dice tower is wonderful if you’re running through the Curse of Strahd or Descent into Avernus modules. 

Forged Mimic Chest Dice Box 

If you’re going to have dice, why not have an awesome dice box to put them in?  One of the more popular monsters in DnD is the mimic.  Mimics can be in the form of anything, and so often they are treasure chests.  Make your players open a Mimic chest and instead of a trove of gold and gems, it’s a set of fangs ready to eat your hand.  Such is D&D.

One accessory in DnD involves one of the most infamous magical items in the game.  The Deck of Many Things.  If your DM throws this item in the game, it’s because they are either looking for a bit of chaos or they are sadistic.  In case you’re not aware, the Deck of Many Things is a set of tarot-like cards.  When you pull a card from the deck, something will happen.  What will happen exactly?  It’s hard to say.  Half the cards are good, half are bad.  Anything can happen with the Deck of Many Things.  Some DMs will create their own effects for it, but the standard effects can be almost game breaking.

Deck of Many Things

The Balance card will shift your character’s alignment.  All of a sudden your lawful good paladin is now chaotic evil.  The Sun card immediately grants a player 50,000 experience points (xp) and a wondrous item.  That means your level 1 character is now level 9 and in your possession is a powerful magical trinket like an amulet of health or a bag of holding.  The effects can be both incredibly good or incredibly bad.  Players just can’t resist pulling a card and taking their chances.  Why not take that experience to the next level?


Deluxe Campaign Edition 39" x 22" Dry Erase Battle Board with Grid and Hex Map PatternIf your players have trouble visualizing the game, miniatures and a good D&D game map will be your best friend.  There are books with full color maps available, and they still have the grid for miniatures.  For the ultimate experience, purchase the terrain and create your own collages.  Literally walk your miniatures through the gates of Avernus or up Mt. Celestia.  If space and money are no object to you, feel free to recreate the entire city of Baldur’s Gate! 


There are even more ways to enhance your gaming experience than talked about here. DnD is a great hobby, and there’s no shortage of supplements and extra artwork to help make your game that much better. Though it can cost some money, remember that it’s about passion for the game and the moments you create with your friends. Create the game you want to play.