Top Reasons For Choosing Metal Dice

Top Reasons For Choosing Metal Dice

Jun 03 , 2021

Mark Coffey

Buying dice? Will you go with traditional, old-fashioned plastic, resin, or delve into new territory with a cool set of metal dice? What? You didn't know they make dice in metal? Well sit back and get a load of the basics of metal dice, why people use them, and how to choose them.

Introducing… Metal Dice

First and foremost, there's a big advantage to metal dice. Well-made metal dice tend to have more uniform faces and are considerably heavier. They feel good in your hand. It's almost like they have their own gravity! Not everyone is a fan of metal dice, however. Some feel that, compared to plastic, they don't roll quite as far. Another kind of odd claim is that the rolls don't seem as random. Whether it's metal or plastic, randomness is determined by a die's balance which is a function of quality in manufacturing.

Before we launch into the specifics of metal dice, however, let us make one important point: It is crucial to protect your collectible dice as much as possible. If you are a huge RPG fan, and D&D is your game of choice, you might consider some custom D&D dice as well as a protective D&D Dice Box to transport your collection. Aside from that, a dice tray, dice tower, dice bag box is your best bet to keep your dice as harm-free as possible.

We got now let's look at choosing metal dice.

Why Should You Choose Metal Over Plastic?

Here are the advantages that many believe make metal dice superior to plastic dice:

  • The faces on each die are more uniform.
  • Metal dice are heavier – they feel substantial in your hand.
  • Compared to plastic, they don't roll as far. This could come in handy if you're playing in a space that is limited: a small wooden tabletop, etc., or if you have that friend who tends to get a tad “wild” with their rolls! You know the person we’re talking about.
  • Well made metal dice are balanced and durable. When cared for, they will remain fair and consistent over time.

Considerations When Choosing Metal Dice

The following are considerations that may come into play when choosing your set of metal dice.

  • Size – Precise measurements for dice vary and different companies manufacture and sell various sized dice. The shape of the dice, however, depends on its type and some dice - a D4 for example, can be designed multiple ways.
  • Weight – Compared to plastic or resin, metal dice are approximately four times heavier. It's very satisfying, feeling these metal dice in your hand and rolling them. It's like they have their own special gravity when they hit the surface, courtesy of their added weight.
  • Different dice by varied manufacturers will have slightly different weights. As a comparison, at about 1 ounce, your basic polymer set of dice is a featherweight compared to a classic set of metal dice weighing approximately 4.25 ounces (without bag, foam, or tin).

Other considerations consist of the manufacturing process and materials used for the dice, their durability, and the finish on the dice.

Where to Purchase Your New Metal Dice

For the best metal dice around, check out the impressive selection at Forged Gaming. When it comes to playing with or transporting those metal dice, stay on our site to shop for dice bags, a cool dice tower, a sweet D&D Dice Box, or a uniquely designed dice tray.