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What To Look For In A Leather Dice Bag

What To Look For In A Leather Dice Bag


Many people prefer a leather dice bag in which to store/transport their dice. It's important that much care be given when transporting your dice because, chances are, you paid a pretty penny for them. This is particularly the case if they are made of a unique material. Metal dice, for instance, should never be transported with other dice, nor should they be rattling around loose during transport.

Are there other dice bags besides leather? Absolutely. Here, we're going to examine dice bags and then talk a little bit about why leather dice bags are so popular.

Finally, we'll introduce you to the best place to go for RPG dice sets, and accessories with which to store them and play with them. We are, of course, referring to dice bags, dice boxes ,dice trays, dice towers, and more.

The Crown Royal Bag

Don't be surprised if you see someone transporting their dice set in one of those tried-and-true Crown Royal bags! Do we recommend it? Not really. It is soft, and if you wrap your dice up inside the bag, they'll probably be relatively well protected. However, the bag itself is not made of a particularly thick material. It's fun… but you can do better. Especially considering what you might've paid for those dice!

Considered the Best

The following made the "preferred" list as far as dice bags go:

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Dragon scale
  • Chainmail
  • Custom print

Qualities of the perfect bag:

  • Convenient to carry
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Multiple compartments
  • Spacious
  • Sturdy

Why Dice Bags Are Used

In case it's not already clear, dice bags (and boxes) are used for the sole purpose of transporting dice and storing them safely. You don't want your dice banging around, clanging against each other, getting chipped, scratched, etc. As said earlier, some dice sets make a hefty dent in your wallet so you want to make sure you care for them properly.

Bags, as opposed to boxes, are easy to carry. They are not bulky. They can be closed securely with the pull of a draw string. Nothing's likely to fall out once you draw that string tightly.

Leather Dice Bags

Since ancient times, leather drawstring bags have been used to carry important items. The leather dice bag is one of the oldest types, and most popular, when it comes to bags in which to carry those valuable RPG dice. How many dice depends on the size, so consider how many dice you will typically need to transport.

Some dice bags look like leather, but in reality, are faux leather – or faux dragon hide! Seriously, as long as the bag has all of the characteristics you need to keep your dice safe, whether it's leather or a good look-alike is all up to you.

For All Your RPG Gaming Needs, Shop Forged Gaming

Not only do we have a few unique dice bags and A LOT of dice sets, we also have custom dice boxes, dice trays, dice towers, and more. Thoroughly enjoy your RPG experience with a set of our awesome dice and the accessories to match! Check out our impressive collections today.

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