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What s Included In A D n D Dice Set

What's Included In A D&D Dice Set?


D&D dice sets are perhaps the most essential instruments that you need to play the game. Not only are they essential to the game, but they can turn a game around with the right roll. There are 7 dice in total, and they are combinations of different types of dice included within the set. Here is what you can expect to be included in your standard dice set. 


D20 is a 20-sided die and is perhaps the most essential die in the entire game. It’s the most used die out of the entire set. In battle, the die can determine who can strike first, and thus, can win the game. This can be for opposing players or for evil characters within the game. 

The higher roll gets the chance to attack first. This is a simplified explanation, since the factors that come into play are different many times. Once the opponent has been hit, you need to determine how much damage has been done. This is where the other dice matter.  


D12 is a die that measures the amount of damage that you can do to your opponent. It’s a 12-sided die. Some of the largest weapons can do 1-12 levels of damage. The D12 is thus only used after a D20 is rolled and you succeed in out rolling your opponent. 


D10 is a 10-sided die and includes numbers from 1 to 10. It’s used to determine damage from spells or specific weapons. Most D&D dice sets will include two of these dice for percentage rolls. 

Percentage rolls are needed when your dungeon master has to determine if something has a chance of succeeding. This doesn’t have to be an attack; it could be the act of crossing a bridge or flying over a mountain or even casting a spell. 

Usually in this set, the 2 D10 dice will be of different colors. Hence, the first die will determine the tens digit, and the second, the units digit of the percentage of something succeeding. 


D8 is an 8-sided die which can be used to determine damage. It is used to determine damage for weapons which can be yielded in one hand. The other hand is for wielding a shield. Those single hand weapons do about 1-8 points worth of damage and thus require the D8. 


D6 is a 6-sided die which is most like a normal die used for monopoly and Risk and Ludo, etc. These dice have traditional numbers instead of dots like in other dice. This is used to determine the damage done by spells and weapons. 


D4 is a 4-sided die and has several numbers on each side. When rolling a D4, the results are determined by the number which is along the bottom edge. The die is used to determine damage done by the smallest of weapons like a dagger or a smallsword. 

This is everything included in a D&D set of dice. 

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